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New Update: Service Manager (2616)

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Hello everyone,

The latest update of Service Manager (2616) has been released to live.

The change log for this update is as follows:

  • Change schedule is now displayed in the Information sidebar when viewing a Change Request or Release.
  • New setting to display status and sub-status in the request details page in the Customer Portal and Employee Portal. The setting "guest.customerPortal.showStatusAndSubStatus" can be enabled for the Customer Portal and the setting "guest.employeePortal.showStatusAndSubStatus" can be enabled for the Employee Portal.
  • My Boards feature continues to be supported by development. A migrated board can be reverted back to Service Manager boards by the owner via the 'Revert Migration' button in the board view. The deprecation flag on the 'Boards > Add Request to Board > Add to Board(Request)' and 'Boards > Remove Request from Board > Remove from Board' Hornbill Automation nodes has been removed.
  • Admin UI: the 'All' label is not shown in the sub-statuses list when editing a sub-status to be visible on all request types. {PM00172060}
  • Process uses the old timer when more than one instance of the 'Requests > Suspend > Wait for Request Update' node is used. {PM00172038}
  • Request preview popover does not load when hoovering over a request link in the activity stream. {PM00171880}
  • Sorting the asset list by a data field may return the results in the incorrect order. {PM00172014}
  • Timeline entry for a request email is not created when the content exceeds the maximum post size. {PM00171953}
  • Unable to update a request's customer when there is a performance issue. {PM00171174}
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