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Reports not listed since backend change on 28th April

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Since the change to the new admin panel the reports from reporting section are no more listed. I can access a couple of them that I remember their ID but the list of available reports disappeared, only the new ones are listed. Will need to access some of them to modify some parameters but I don't remember their IDs so it's quite complicated. Any suggestion on how to have them back? Did not check if same happens with Business Proceses.


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In the previous UI you selected the Service Manager tile before selecting Reports.

Have you selected the Service Manager section from the dropdown before opening the Reports section in the new UI?

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Strange I couldn't see my reports (searched Reports under Platform and Service Manager in the new UI), but I have the list of id's so I created a test one and changed the id to my old reports. This opened and I bookmarked them again.

When I searched Reports again they were visible under Service Manager, not sure why they didn't show at first?



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