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Most efficient way to categorise?

Sam P

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A new service is going live that has 180+ possible categories, the categories are the same as the "Issue Type" that is selected in the IC as part of the logging process:


How can I use this information to automatically select the category?  I was hoping to avoid a very large daisy chain of decisions in the Business Process, and I also wanted to avoid the customer selecting from the Request Categories form as there are many more conditional fields below these two that could not be picked up from the Category.  

Thanks in advance.

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@Sam P

You could either look at having an initial 'Switchboard' catalog item with a BPM that then logs a separate requests under the correct service and catalog selection using the values from the simple lists (i.e. Value is the Service or Catalog ID;s and the Display Value is what you currently have in your screenshots). Does mean you end up with two requests though, but your BPM could cancel the original switchboard one after spawning the correct one.

Alternatively you could look at the new 'Change Service option in the BPM using the same inputs as above. As this is a fairly new addition there are a few limitations including having to pass the Catalog Name rather than ID and also Error Control.



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