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Unable to logon to system and unable to raise a support ticket

Message added by Victor,

The issue which caused requests to not be raised has been fixed.

We are aware that some customer instances may be experiencing similar problems to yesterdays outage and this is being addressed.

We are experiencing an issue in our infrastructure rendering the service unavailable for all customer instances.

Please follow: https://status.hornbill.com/

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Hi all

We noted we were all kicked off Hornbill and now are unable to log back in - this is occuring for all users so we are unable to use the system right now

I am also unable to raise a support ticket it lets me fill out ticket but unable to submit

Help please !


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We had this as well, but people are able to login again now.


Some of our custom API scripts that we run to import asset information, has errored with the below, which looks to be an internal hornbill error.

Protocol Error: Failed to get a connection to the server: http://:49102/mem/session/*?attr.apiKey=APIKEYHERE


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We had it too (12:50 - 12:52)

@Martyn Houghton we also noticed it defaulted back to the original login screen (but is ok now)




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