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Problem with PowerBI report refresh

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Hi @Bob Dickinson

None of our PowerBI report are refreshing. When I tried to refresh from PowerBI, I am not getting any error and looks like the refresh has completed. But the data is not updated on the report, and on Hornbill Report History, there is no new report. 

Has something change which requires the  RScript we are currently using to connect PowerBI to Hornbill report to be updated? I have notice the reports not running for the past 3 weeks.






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Hi @Joyce

This isn't an area I am too familiar with, nor am I aware of any recent changes to this utility. Looking at the utility on GitHub, there have been no updates/changes to this in 10 months (https://github.com/hornbill/rPowerBIHornbillDataSources) so this sounds like an environmental change, or possibly a change to the Reports in Hornbill themselves?

My advice in this scenario would be to log this as a formal issue with the support team who will be able to look into this specific issue and hopefully inform you of what is needed. 

Kind Regards


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Hi @Joyce,

I've just tested the PowerBI R scripts, and they are working as expected so it's possible there's an environmental issue in play. Could you try your script in a new data source in Power BI Desktop, as this should then give you an error to start debugging from?




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This problem is still ongoing. I was advised to schedule all the reports before running them in PowerBi but this has not resolve the refresh issue.


Can someone advise if there are problems with report refresh?



Regards Joyce

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