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Unable to update the Email recipients in schedule in reports

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@Adrian Simpkins,

The save button will only enable if all of the report is configured properly. It is likely there is a missing mandatory field or columns etc that is not setup. Have a look at the other tabs to see if you can see anything obvious?

At some point will add in a notification to show which parts of the report are not setup correctly. Will add it to roadmap.



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Hi Neil

The report has been running for 5 months so not missing anything in the configuration - i was literally just updating the existing email recipients in the config. The report still output aok this morning but the newly added email recipients show like this: undefined etc etc (2nd image)

The report in the admin shows the recipients like the 1st image:

Many thanks



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Hi Adrian,

Can I get you to raise a support request as we will need to look at that report and the recipient data record so someone from support can get a passcode to access instance.


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