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Service and category not changing when using Switch Capture

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Not sure if this is possible or something i am missing. I have a progressive capture that depends on an answer given then will switch to another progressive capture.  This appears to work fine however i cannot get the Service or category to update. i have tried various combinations of request update but nothing works. any ideas ?

What happens is Service Request A (prog capture A)  with Category A  is raised by the user  - When they select it as a one of it switches to Prog Capture B (service request B etc) however the ticket raised still has Service and catergory A . I am a bit stuck now but probably something simple that I have missed 




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On 4/26/2022 at 1:38 PM, Mark Priest said:

I cannot get the Service or category to update

@Mark Priest simply put it won't... whatever service is selected in ProCap A is the service that will be on the request. You can only change the service (during progressive capture) by navigating back to where the service was selected during ProCap A ...

There is also the aspect of request source: user app (request manually raised by analyst) or employee/customer portal... on the latter, the service cannot be changed.

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