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New Admin Tool - Request Subs-statuses - Changing Request Type

Martyn Houghton

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There appears to be a bug in the New Admin Tool > Service Manager > Request Sub-statuses, when you change an existing Sub-status from a request type-specific, i.e. Incident, to All. 

Though the correct Request Type is shown when viewing the Sub-status after the change, it does not show correctly in the list of Sub-statuses as 'Request Type' is empty for the row in the list and the Sub-statuses was no longer selectable on requests.


I have to revert to changing the Request Type via the legacy Admin Tool in order to get the Sub-Status to appear again and correctly change it to 'All'.



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Hi James,

I think I have a different issue from the above fix and I am still seeing the issue where we create a new substatus, set it to All but it is not showing against all our services? Also there doesnt appear to be anywhere to set the Reason Required field to show in the On Hold window in a request?

Many thanks



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