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Within Resolve time - not calculating


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I have a report that is run quarterly (and has done for many years).  I ran the same report last night and found that from January 2022 the 'Within Resolve time' is not calculating e.g. Met/Breached.  This also means that the 'Resolve b'y isnt populating a date which should be counting from the 'Priorities' SLA  Please advise.

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Hi @AKetteringham

I would start by confirming that the Resolved By is being populated.  This can very simply be checked in your Request List.  Using the option to Configure Columns, add the Resolve By column and then located one of the request that you expect to be on this report.  Check to see if this field has been populated.

The Resolve By field is populated by the presence of Service Level Targets. Service Level Targets are configured against a service.  They are initiated within the BPM that is used for that particular request.  If the Resolve By field is not being populated, it may be that a change to the BPM is no longer starting the timers for the Service Level Target.

If the Resolved By field is displayed with a date within the Request List then it could be something to do with the design of the report.  But let's start with confirming if the Resolved By is being populated. 

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Hello James.

Yes, sorry I meant Resolve By (being the date/time.

I have looked at our BPM within Service Manager but cannot see which BP we are using.  Sorry it seems muddled, they are all active.  I think I may need some extra help.

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Hello James

Here is a snip of where I am at -  Its been many years since I have looked at Business Process as you can see they were all created in 2016.  They are all active.  So how can I confirm which one is the one in use e.g  WWF IT Service Request process is in addition to many examples by Hornbill.  I could create a copy and then deactivate this one just to see what happens.  Thanks for any help.  Am I in the right place to check if Resolve by (date/time) is actually working.


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1 hour ago, AKetteringham said:

So how can I confirm which one is the one in use

In the Service Portfolio > Locate the Service then on the Config section under appropriate enabled Request Type, you can then view the Workflow in use by click on the properties of the different catalogue options. If you are not using Catalogue options then the default workflow specified under the Request Type at the top of the dialog will be used.

In your first screenshot of the workflow, when you log a request and it suspends at the Wait for Owner stage what shows in the righthand panel of the request screen, i.e. is there a Service Level Agreement/Service Level assigned and a Response Timer shown?

It could be simply you SLA Rules are not working so no Service Level is being assigned and this was not apparent in back in 2016 when you would sill have had the old Priorities based Service Levels, which have recently been decommisioned. Having a screenshot righthand panel of a new request logged would help to determine where the issue may lay.





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