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Service Manager Change Calendar

Jake Thaker

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When you go into the change Calendar in Service Manager, it defaults to the 1st of the month on the monthly view and Sunday to Saturday on the weekly view. We have received feedback that it would be nice to have the monthly view start on the day you view the calendar so that you can view 30 days in advance.

We have checked to see if this is a change that can be performed on our instance but it looks like this is a global change. Not sure how many other customers have requested this but it would be good to confirm if this can be applied to our instance only or whether any other customers have requested this facility. 


Many thanks in advance. 



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@Jake Thaker

I think what you are describing there is a "30-day" view which is distinctly separate from a Monthly (calendar) view.   I am not disputing the validity for the requirement, but wanted to clarify what I think you are asking for.  Just simply setting a start-date will not cut it here, the month view is rendered as a Calendar view of the month selected, and is by definition a "Calendar Month" view.  Implementing a 30-day view would be a different visual presentation that would look more like a timeline or of sorts, perhaps something along the lines of the N Days view rendering in Outlook for example, I think thats what you are asking for.  It would be interesting to see how many others might be interested in such a view variation. 


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Thank you and yes - you are right - that is exactly what I am asking. It is nice to see Changes that have occurred in the past (when you have set it in the Monthly view) but some users would like to know what changes are coming up in the next 30 days so that they can plan their change not to clash/impact with other changes.  At present they have to use the arrows to move the calendar forward or backwords.  I hope there are other users who would also like this view. :)

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