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New Update: Hornbill Core UI (1643)

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Hello everyone,

The latest update of Hornbill Core UI (1643) has been released to live.

The change log for this update is as follows:

  • Date Time Component - Added Time Picker
  • Employee Portal - Added FAQ search in catalog service
  • Admin - BPM - Editor: External Authorisation node - added from address domain listbox for @domain part of address (requires server 3603 onwards)
  • Time picker - Added smart historic time (based on core app build 151)
  • Admin - Solutions Center - Your Usage: added some support info to the support tab.
  • Admin - Platform Conf - Email - Templates: Only show applications in list that support email templates.
  • Date and Time input - Added option to open the calendar by pressing Ctrl+Space (same as click on the calendar button)
  • Admin - - Users: Add userId/Name filter to the application user subscription list.
  • Admin - Bpm Editor: Add support for From address to External Authorisation node
  • Admin - General: Navigation drop down add support for using arrow keys and enter to select items
  • Admin - General: remove use of toolip popover and use standard html title popover while investigate ui issue
  • Admin - - Executed Processes: When viewing failed/cancelled processes show state filter.
  • Admin - Platform Conf - Users: Editing data on the "about" tab does not enable save button.
  • Admin - Platform Conf - Customize - Working Time Calendars: Add system exclusions button not visible.
  • update vimeo video embeds to use oEmbed API as previous REST API deprecated
  • Calendar Popup - If in a popup and there is no space to show vertically, it would hide it behind the window. Now it repositions the calendar popup to be always visible.
  • Task - Setting Start date to All Day shows "Invalid Date"
  • Admin - Advanced Analytics - Widgets: multi series sql group by charts not rendering if series data returns null values.
  • Admin - User - API Key - Expiry Date was not picking correctly the day
  • Admin - Navigation: do not show empty nav groups when user has no access to any of its children
  • Admin - Platform Conf - User Accounts: when changing user type and saving refresh data to reflect type change (available roles etc)
  • Admin - Advanced Analytics: Fusion base themes not being applied to charts
  • In bpm list ignore "accessUpdate" property - so just display results from workflowList as is
  • Admin - General: Navigation drop down resize height so does not go off visible screen
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