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Cannot enable email routing rules

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So we have noticed that there is a slider in the section where you set up the rules for your mailboxes within Service Manager and wondered what it does as we notice that ours is 'off' but should it be 'on'?

As an FYI we don't think that we have ever seen this before today and certainly have not changed its status recently.


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It appears after more investigation that this was turned off and so was not processing our mail handling rules, we have now turned this on.


This thread can be closed.

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So further to this issue, when I go into these settings it shows that these rules are off as above screenshot. When you turn this on and refresh the page it 'turns off' leading us to not know whether these are on or off.

Please can you let us know what we need to do?

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  • Victor changed the title to Cannot enable email routing rules

Hi @Jeremy,

This is fixed in our beta stream already, it is a general issue with UI reading in some of the system settings. The fix will be going to live today (Thursday). 

The issue is a bunch of system setting where marked as "advanced" and the UI wasn't reading advanced settings by default. I put a fix in for this as it was affecting another area that depended on a setting that was also marked as advanced.

As for the current broken behavior, when you switch it ON it does actually switch it on it is just when going into the view again it appears off because the UI can't read the setting.

Give it another go after you see the release notice today.


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