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Wait for Request Update or Email


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Is it possible at all, When using the suspend wait for request update node, to also include email updates also? So effectively, it would be wait for request update and email update.

Could this be achieved through parallel processing maybe?

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@Salma Sarwar I am not sure you need the same thing that @James Ainsworth was referring to...

The idea of this post was that Will wanted to suspend a process waiting for a request update OR a request update from email (so one or the other). His thought was that it could be done using parallel processing. However in current BP engine you cannot have (any) suspend nodes (except human tasks) inside a parallel processing sequence. This (suspend nodes in parallel sequence) is being  considered for the next iteration (version) of BP engine.

As for take a request off hold when an email update is received, you can achieve this with request sub-statuses as I mentioned on your other post here:


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