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Collapse of node group and re-expand caused all nodes in group to stack!

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Oh no. I used the group nodes and collapsed down. When I expanded I got this. I think there's a bug that it's stacked all of my nodes one on top of the other. There were about 25 of them!


I tried to unstack but we're here:


I copied back the Active process to Draft and I was back in shape but something has gone wrong here.

Anyone else seen this?

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I've seen this at random in the new admin tool, but if it happens, I simply refresh the page and it seems to put everything back to normal. But I shudder to think what would happen if I accidentally save the BPM when it's in this state...

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I will take a look. This used to be an issue in the old admin tool where it wasn't storing against a node it's relative position when it was in the group. 

Will let you know what I find.


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So i have tried to replicate this but i cannot get it to fail. Can you log a support request with support and provide the download of that business process or alternatively give support access to your instance so i can debug the process. Point support to this forum post when you log the request so they know i am requesting access or the process download file.

I have a feeling there must be some scenario, combination of nodes that causes an error when it tries to save the position data. If i have a process to hand where this occurs (yours for example) i should be able to find the issue quickly enough.



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