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Issue with Capture Form not applying Conditional Override Flags

Mike Hillman

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Bit of a random one - I have a capture form which has been working fine for a year or so, but which has suddenly developed an issue with one of the questions

The question is set to not be visible normally, but has Override flags set so that if the answer to a previous question on the form (which is a radio button) is set a certain way it becomes visible - but we've suddenly noticed that this question is visible on the form no matter how the previous question is answered, which is causing an issue. So...


Above, if the question highlighted Yellow is set to 'Access to Existing Folder' the questions in Green should be displayed. 

If it is set to 'Create a new Folder' everything highlighted green should disappear, but....


As above, the question asking them to select a Folder is still visible - this shouldn't be



The settings above are for the question (default and the override flag)

I am a bit confused by this, as it's been working fine and hasn't been touched - anyone got any thoughts? I've tried fully deleting the rogue question and recreating it, but the same thing happens.


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Afraid the issue seems to be spreading:



This is a totally different PCF - the section highlighted yellow should only display if someone selects an option containing the word 'Mobile' in answer to the 1st question (but the question hasn't even been answered


Same is happening here - the various coloured notes should only appear when the correct options for each are selected in answer to the questions, the criteria for each is different so they should never display together

The form above is our main capture form for Incidents, and this is causing a lot of confusion amongst our users when they are logging tickets - pushing more phone calls our way which I don't have the capacity to handle

Could this be the same issue, or is this possibly related to the outage/issues yesterday?

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Hi @Victor, Where has this got to? I'm having major problems with configuring a new IC with override flags in it. I have multiple override flags configured with particular questions selected in the conditions which work fine one day then when I log back in the following day, some of these questions selected in the override flag conditions have changed to a different question therefore meaning the override flags aren't working and the form doesn't display the questions it should. It's actually making me feel like I'm going mad and more to the point is very time consuming having to keep going in and amending the override flags again.

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