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Changes to scheduled date or time in changes don't save


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We have noticed that if you make a change to the scheduled date or time it doesn't save it when you refresh.

The change to the date or time looks like it has been made and it writes it to the timeline but when you go back to it the date time field is back to the original time

image.png.03a742b26f17d1394b6f842187e1d14a.pngoriginal time

image.png.18c13f83b2505725aa15029f84af6ccc.png new time


After saving it's back to 8am! 


Any help appreciated


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@HGrigsby@Frank Reay

Thanks for the post, we're investigating the issue now and will look to role out a fix as soon as possible due to the confusion you highlighted that it can cause.  From a functional point of view you are still able to remove and then add new scheduled dates, but obviously we'll look to correct the issue asap.

Kind Regards,


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@David Hall

Although we can schedule the change, the dates in the Change Calendar do not update (in addition to what has already been mentioned here).


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