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Failed Executed Processes - can it be a separate option?

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In the new admin tool, under 'manage executed processes' could the 'failed' option be separated from the 'cancelled' one please? I know it's only a small thing, but I'm not normally interested in the 'cancelled' ones, but I AM interested in any 'failed' ones, so having this separated would be better for me:





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Hi @Steve Giller

I do understand your thoughts, and yes you're right, however for the amount of clicks it would save AND the fact that you could right click the link and select to 'open in a new tab' I think, for my purposes, having it 'clickable' would save me so many clicks!

Other people may disagree though... :)

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@Paul Alexander I quite agree with the use case, and I haven't had my thoughts checked (so far) but as far as I can see this would only be a practical option if the External Reference were a Request Reference, and that's not the case.

On saving clicks - CTRL-Click is fewer than Right-Click->Open in a new tab.

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