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Duplicate tickets in New Call queue

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Good Afternoon all,

Before I start looking at our instance, just wanted to check if anyone else has started receiving duplicate tickets in their New queue?
Seems to be isolated to Service Requests at the moment, but for 3 separate services so not a particular workflow?

Thanks All,

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Guest Ehsan


When completing the progressive capture form, is it possible that users are pressing the "Finish" button more than once? We are going to look at improving the logic to help minimise this from happening. For now, please check whether coincidentally any of the analysts are pressing the "Finish" button more than once.


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Hi @Ehsan,


Checked with our users and it's not a click happy group of people, so ruling that one out.

We have another anomaly in that calls with workflows that contact a date are firstly appearing with no date information, then transposing the date information.

I'll pop a quick support call through to you guys now.

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