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Unable to raise requests using Intelligent Capture


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The latest build appears to have broken our instance.

When we raise a ticket from an email, it is no longer filling in the summary information automatically.

This is very problematic for us as 90% of our tickets originate from email.

Please can this be fixed ASAP.



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The latest update seems to have effected our instance as well.

Our service desk are unable to log calls as the request just loops back to the customer screen and cannot be finsihed.

Please can this be fixed as a priority as it is effecting customers.

Many thanks


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Hi Guys - we are getting this issue occurring just now? when we try to log a new call and select a catalog item underneath a service, it just loops back to the select a customer screen,


if we dont select a category, and simply select the service, it will allow us to proceed, but does not use our pro-cap, (and also i think it should be set to not allow just the service to be selected without a catalog item)


many thanks

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Hi, I've also noticed different behaviour when selecting catalog items, we used to click the service which drops down the available catalog items below, then click the catalog item and it went straight into the capture, now: 

1) Click to create a new ticket from the Raise New drop list

2) Click the service name

3) Either click the catalogue item and the page content appears to refresh leaving the catalogue item highlighted in blue, or don't bother clicking it at all and just click next

4) Capture process starts - it appears to be picking up the correct capture based on the catalogue item whether it's highlighted or not, rather than picking up the default capture for the ticket type based on the app.itsm.progressiveCapture.new<tickettype> setting which is good. 

I believe there used to be a setting to enforce use of a catalog item if at least one exists on a service definition for the ticket type but I can't find it now, has this been removed?

Visually it appears that the service can be selected without using the catalog item but I'm confident from checking the different captures we've got configured that it is picking up the config from the catalog item - so basically no impact for us but may cause some confusion when raising tickets. 


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