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Category tree issue - category has been shortened

Sam P

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Has anyone had a similar issue where a Request is only picking up the last/lowest level of the category tree?  These two requests have identical Categories but one has been shortened.  The only difference I can see is in source - the short one was via Self Service where the category was selected by the analyst once it had been logged, the other via Analyst which has the Category node in the IC.    Both the same service, both incidents and the Request Category Level is set in the Service Portfolio.




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Thanks @Victor its currently off - I should have said... my preference is to store the full category.  This is a recent category added to the Request Data Profile, but it was added at the same time as others where I have not seen the same behaviour.

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Still hoping to get to the bottom of this as my results are varying hugely.   My preference is to store the whole category and so servicemanager.request.category.request.storeFilteredDisplay has always been set to OFF.  I logged four tickets consecutively, all the same Service, all the same Catalog item, with 4 different results in Category (2 of which have identical categories and both logged via Analyst), which is perfectly shown here in a Widget chart.  (I am aware I can change the Chart Label but this misses the point):


The data profile is quite detailed (7 levels) but no more so than at any other level, and I have checked Code Length and Maximum Levels are OK:


This then led me to check on other categories of Requests Logged today and I found this is happening with other Services / Catalog Items (both Incidents and Service Requests):



I wondered if something had changed in the IC / BP.... however for the example below the IC has not been touched since 27/08/2021 and the BP since 14/01/2022:


@Victor any further ideas?  We are still quite new to Hornbill (July 2021) and our reporting is not fully developed, but I can see examples of this going all the way back to July.  Happy to log with support if you feel this is a better approach.  

Thanks in advance.

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