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Autoresponder scenarios and how to do it...

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I have a scenario where I want to either;

A) respond to an incoming email without a call reference on it with a specific message (we don't want to log it as most of what our customers email is utter inconsequential twaddle).


B ) Delete any such message.

I can't see if this is possible, any advice would be welcome, thank you.

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We don't have an auto-reply function, however:

  1. Create a Routing Rule to raise a request (ensure it is after any existing rules)
  2. Make the Workflow fully automated
    1. Assign the Request to a relevant Team and/or Owner
    2. Update the Summary and Description if necessary so it's clear it's automated
    3. Record any useful info to its Timeline and/or Custom Fields (for reporting purposes)
    4. Gather the details from the originating email
    5. Send a templated email response to the Customer
    6. Close the Request.

That way you have Requests you can report against as well as sending the email you're asking for, and you can perform any additional actions that you deem necessary by updating the Workflow as and when required - for example aborting the "Don't email us!" template if the sender is the CEO ;)

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