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Reporting: Filter for Reassigned Requests

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I'm not sure whether reporting is currently able to capture this information, I have been looking through the filters but not seen something that matches this requirement.

I'm looking to report on calls that are not resolved by the first assigned team.

Is that possible with the current filters? Is there a way to achieve this?

Ideally, we would like to be able to see the calls assigned to frontline then the proportion of those calls which are resolved by all teams to see which proportion are resolved frontline.

I can see filters like reopened count but not something that allows me to say the initial team does not equal the resolved team.

I hope this makes sense


Many thanks

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2 hours ago, AlexOnTheHill said:

something that allows me to say the initial team does not equal the resolved team

@AlexOnTheHill we do have reassignments stored in the database but is not easy to do a report on these (read "not easy" as "not possible")… what I would do, as a possible solution, is to store the team assigned value in a custom field (after is being assigned first time). Then you can use the "custom field that has the initial team value" not equal "resolved team"...

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Hi @AlexOnTheHill

There is a Hornbill Automation that may help.  The First Time Fix automation includes an option for No Team Reassignments.  Any request that is resolved by the first team that it is assigned to will set the request as a first time fix.  If a reassignment to another team has been done, it will not be set as a first time fix.  You should be able to easily report on this field as it is part of the standard request table.


Let us know if you think this would help or if you need more information to set this up.


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