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Data values for Microsoft Azure Invite Guest configuration

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Hi All,

We are currently working on Microsoft Azure Invite User functionality in the BPM. The configuration nodes within this reference a URL that will be sent out to the invited Guest user which we are trying to test and populate: https://invitations.microsoft.com/redeem/redeeming?tenant=<tenant-id>&user=<user-id>&ticket<some-id>&ver=2.0

We should be able to confirm the Tenant ID, but was unsure about what values would be inserted into the User ID and Ticket ID.

Has anyone else set this up at all in their instance, and if so are you able to expand further on the User ID and Ticket ID data? 

Many thanks

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@James Ainsworth is this something you're able to help with please? We are looking to use this to enable GPs and other healthcare workers access our Acute Care Portal system so has direct patient care/experience benefit so natually we're really keen to get this setup to facilitate the large volumes of requests we're anticipating from our local CCGs. 



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