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Couple of cancelled requests still triggered the auto escalation configuration in the SLA

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Hi All

I have had a couple of cancelled requests highlighted to me where the auto escalation notification to the team has triggered after the request is cancelled as per below screen shot.

Am I correct in my assumption that once a request is cancelled these auto escalation notifications should not be generated? 

Only 2 requests so far highlighted

Many thanks !


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Hi @Adrian Simpkins

Yes when a request is cancelled it should remove any escalations and notifications as part of the cancellation process.  There haven't been any changes I can see in this area for more than 2 years now so nothing should have changed.  If it becomes a persistent problem then the logs would need to be checked to see if there is something failing within the cancellation process.

Kind Regards,


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Hi David

Thank you for the confirmation - I will continue to monitor for any more like this, and if I see some more I will raise a Support Ticket

Many thanks as always

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