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Issues with Hornbill API documentation

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  • Victor changed the title to Issues with Hornbill API documentation

Hi @Kevin Allitt

I have found out that this is related your link not including the final /.  If you were to browse from the root https://api.hornbill.com/ you will find that you don't have the issue.  If you have a link or bookmark that you have saved to the Service Manager APIs, you may want to add the / to the end of the URL.  https://api.hornbill.com/apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/

Hope that helps.

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Hi, yes you are correct, I found this out eventually by playing and now I have just noticed your comment, I can confirm to anyone who is reading this that what James Ainsworth has just said, is correct, its like there is a session that expires on the webpage that isnt re-initialised until you go to the root of the website and traverse the link a refresh.

Thank you for replying James, much appreciated.

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