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Creating Widgets

Sam Howlett

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Hello, I am trying to create some status widgets showing engineers call assignments. 

The widget has been created to show how many active calls each engineer is currently working on but for this instance, i want to exclude the unassigned calls from the support queue. 

This is the filter I am currently using, is there anyway I can exclude the unassigned calls that appear in an N/A column in the chart?

h_status IN('status.new','status.open','status.onHold') and h_requesttype IN ('Incident', 'service request') and h_fk_team_name IN ('MSE DS Desktop Support - 2nd Line')




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That doesnt work either, it applies but doesnt make any change to the chart. 

The unassigned requests are showing in a column named N/A so i have tried is not null and is not ('N/A') 

ive tried using 'and' and 'WHERE' but neither are working. 


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I get a query execution error using that one too :(

In another widget i have created, i have managed to view just unassigned requests using h_ownername != "N/A" so i believe this should work in this instance but i need to know how to tell the system to exclude not include. Is there any documentation around the configuration of widgets that I could read through? 



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