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New ITOM Application replacing the UI in the legacy Admin UI


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I am please to let you know that the ITOM functionally originally built in the Admin tool has now been fully migrated to a new application which you can install from the App Store. Once you have installed the application the ITOM data is automatically migrated to the new application namespace and you will no longer be able to use the ITOM UI in the old admin interface.  The application will be available on the App store in the next day or so, so if you have ITOM included in your subscription, or you want to try out ITOM with a use-restricted free tier, you can just install the application from the app store. 

When you install the ITOM application you will no longer be able to access the UI in the old Admin tool.  However, your ITOM users will not see the new ITOM application in the icon bar until they have been granted rights to the ITOM application, this is the same as any other application you would install on Hornbill.  So installing ITOM involves the following steps. 

  • Install the ITOM application from the App Store
  • Switch to the administration of the newly installed ITOM application
  • Select the "Roles" item in the left-hand navigation, you will note there are two ITOM roles application-defend, these are ITOM Application User and ITOM Application Administrator, for each role, assign your users as required. 
  • Let your ITOM users know they will need to logout and back in again, at which point they will see the new ITOM application icon

The user interface, while restyled is essentially the same as what was present before so there should be no problem transitioning from the current UI to the new UI for your ITOM users




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