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Change Details form: any way to apply the same Form Design to all Services?


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I need to edit the layout of the form for all Changes; against all our Services. I am faced with the mind-numbing task of opening all 32 Services in the portfolio and manually making the same 10 or so changes to the Change Details form (attempting to get them identical). It's going to take me a couple of hours.

Unless there is a setting that enables me to use the same Change Details form for all Changes. Is there such a thing? This Wiki makes a nice job of selling-up the individuality of the Change Details Form Designer which worries me this is not possible: Request Details Form Designer - Hornbill

And when we have 70 Services or 120 Services, it'll be impossible to manage. I hope this is one of the areas alluded to for improvement in the roadmap this year.

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Hi @Berto2002

Thanks for your post.  Unfortunately this doesn't help you at the moment, but during the Hornbill event earlier this year there was a discussion around Service Portfolio improvements and the introduction of request templates.  Both of these are things will address the areas that you mention.  These changes are planned for this year.  

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