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Invalid Date on "Find Time" BETA

Oriol Martinez

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The latest underlying issue reported yesterday with the date picker populating an incorrect value when a date is selected was resolved earlier this morning and the fix deployed din all live instances. The issue occurred when the system date was at the end of a month that has 31 days. On this day, when the next day was selected in the picker (the first of next month) the resulted date in the field was increased with one month. For example on 31/03, if the user selected 01/04 in the date/time picker, it would have populated 01/05 in the field. For date/time pickers that used a Service Desk Calendar this resulted in the "Invalid Date" popup because 01/05 is not a working day (Sun).

In regards to the ? mark which presents the user with advice in regards to the date/time format, this will now open in a popup on the same page rather than opening a new tab pointing to the wiki documentation page. This functionality will be available in the next update.

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