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Irritating 'feature'; Notices don't always properly update on Requests


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We often find that Notices on Requests do not properly update for users in their GUI as we go through workflow.

For example, my user came to me and said they had categorised the Incident (and then put it On Hold) but they still saw this Notice:


When I opened the ticket, the Notice was absent (as per workflow); so the default workaround is I have to ask agents to refresh their browser window before reporting any such issues. The refresh obviously causes greater load on HB servers and is annoying because some of my great efforts to ensure Notices help agents with the next steps and what actions are now pending are missed.

It's an intermittent issue; sometimes it works fine and others it doesn't. We're on Windows 10 and Edge Version 99.0.1150.46

Does anyone else get this? Is it a known weakness?

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Hi @Berto2002

Thanks for your post.  We have had reports of this in the past.  We have not been able to replicate this on demand, because as you say it is intermittent.  This can sometimes make it harder to find the cause.  We had in the past added code to try to improve on this.  The developers will have another look to see if there is more that can be done.  

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