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There is no field to set the Customer when logging a new Request in BPM


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I think this one is an oversight rather than a deliberate omission...?

When using the node to log a new Request, all the fields that have an option to "Copy X" also have an option at the top to set X. That is except Customer. And Customer is so core to a Request this looks like it's been missed-off by accident and should be introduced.

This is giving me a real headache because I need to use a variable to set the Customer of the new Request because the workflow that processes the new ticket (like most workflows) all hangs off the Customer; and I don't want to copy the Customer of the originating ticket.

At the moment I am fixing failed workflows as they happen as they are low volume. The only options I have are unpalatable:

  1. Put a special divert in my other workflows to cater for cases with no Customer
  2. Put a wait/expiry in my other workflows to wait 1 minute and then an Update New Request node in this originating process to update the Customer field in that 1 minute
  3. ??

No set Customer field:


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Hi @Berto2002

When it comes to populating the variable to add the customer, where are you getting this information for the new customer?  Which variable do you intend on using? 

There is an option that you can do this without having to update all of the other BPMs.

Part of the Log Request automation, one of the outcomes is the new request ID.  


Immediately after the Log New Request node you can have an Update Request - Customer Automation that uses this variable and updates the new ticket.  





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That's too slow @James Ainsworth. Immediately after logging the new ticket it's workflow finds the customer and then attempts to add the line manager as a connection; so we miss the boat waiting for that information. It is surely a mistake not to allow me to set the Customer?

The context is that we have a ticket for a manager (as the Customer) and we need to spawn one for one of their reports; so I have that variable in a custom field; but cannot input it when logging.

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Thanks @Berto2002

That makes sense.  The customer not being there could quite simply be a matter of timing.  The create new request automation has been there for some time.  The omittance of the customer may simply come down to this automation being created well before other automations or features that could take advantage of it, such as getting the manager of the customer in a variable.  The other reason might be that no one as requested this before.  The flexibility of our workflow can provide for a vast number of automations and scenarios, which can be different from one business to the next.  We tend to build this out based on our customer's needs and priorities rather than try to build solutions for absolutely every possible situation and outcome which are endless. 

I'll talk to development to see what options we have.

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On 3/25/2022 at 11:40 AM, Berto2002 said:

Put a special divert in my other workflows to cater for cases with no Customer

Why do you need to "divert" here?

Suspend->Wait for Customer sounds like the right node for this scenario. If there is already a Customer it will move straight through the node, if not it will wait until one is populated, either manually or by the update from the linked request.

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