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Place on hold and taking off Hold; waiting for External Authorisation


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We have a workflow that sends for External Authorisation directly after logging and my Service Desk want this to go On Hold until we get a response.

I can see a "Place on Hold" option in a Hornbill Automation for Service Manager > Entity > Requests > Update Request but I cannot see how that gets "unheld" when the External Authorisation node responds.


I can see another option is to Suspend but I can see no reference to (External) Authorisation as being something we are waiting for. There is "Wait for Request Off Hold" but that's a manual trigger and I don't want that.

Am I missing something or is it just not possible to put the Request On Hold until the External Authoriser responds or External Authorisation node expires?



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@Victor are you saying

1) to place the On Hold before sending for Ext Auth and then

2) the Ext Auth response counts as an Update to reset the status to Open?

3) that the workflow effective sits in the Ext Autho node until it is responded to or times-out so the Status Oepn will only trigger after the response?

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1) Yes

2) No, it does not count as an "update" ... the External Auth will do what it does in regards to authorisations but does not affect the request status

3) Workflow and request are in essence independent. They are associated but independent. Thus one can have a request on hold while the workflow progresses or the other way around have the workflow suspended while the request progresses.

As you need to have the request on hold while the authorisation takes place, with the above in mind you can put the request on hold before the authorisation stuff takes place then take it off hold (by changing request status) when the authorisation stuff completes.

And yes, the workflow will sit at the authorisation node (while the request is on hold via the previous node) and once the workflow resumes, either du to authorisation action or expiry the next node will take the request off hold (status to open)...

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