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"Me too" for incidents


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I have mentioned this before but I worded the title very poorly so I think I caused confusion.

I would like a way to "publish" a ongoing (a major outage) a bit like you can with problem where a user can then can click a "me too" to register they have an issue too.

Ideally this would not only make them make them a connection of the "master" incident but also I would love it more if would create another ticket (based on the master info) but them as the user.

Maybe I'm going to deep but if we could link the me too button to a PCF we could set it to ask not just who but also for their machine name or another question we want depending on the major incident scenario.


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On 3/17/2022 at 10:41 AM, Smurfy said:

would like a way to "publish" a ongoing (a major outage) a bit like you can with problem

I think the issue here is that a major outage is not an Incident - stealing a nice quote:


At its most basic definition, an incident is a singular, independent event.

If you're having numerous customers clicking "Me Too" then it is neither singular nor independent and therefore, by definition, not an Incident.
The individually logged Incidents are grouped under a Problem and the Problem Record has a "Me Too" option to streamline this process.

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We do use problem but not initially
So for an example. 
We have lost access to our internet - We drop everything and are investigating the issue. 

In that period of time we will see many people call us to say "I cant get onto the internet"
We need to record all of those and link them to our master (or major if it's critical) record. That way as soon as we restore the service we can notify all our users who reported an issue and we are able to see the impact via reporting.
To save our Service Desk being swamped and having to log individual tickets I would like the me too function so

  1. The user can let us know they are affected without having to use our Service Desk analyst resources and swamp them with calls
  2. Ideally that it will log an incident at the same time and link it to the master / major

15 years  or so ago we used Axios Assyst and whilst it didn't have a self-service it did have a "major inc" box.
When we created a ticket and ticked the major inc tick box it made that ticket available in a list that we could just click on and add the next users employee number. It would then create a copy incident, with that user, and link it to the major.

I guess what I am asking for is something similar to that expect that we can make it available on Self service.

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We do problem differently Steve. We don't make major outages problems so it would not work for us. 

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I don't have any say in what is accepted as a change to the Product, so I'd have to leave any comments on that to other Hornbill staff, but as far as current functionality goes everything you want to do is already there.
You can replicate, and improve upon the "Major Incident checkbox" with a Custom Button that raises the MI (as a PM so you have the "Me Too" function) and does whatever else you need it to in the attached Workflow.

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This is a classic where HB are torn between designing something that meets a framework and something that does what customers want. I venture, though, that the code to implement "me too" to work for Incidents the way it does (does it, not tried it) for Problems would not be a big deal; and many customers seem to want to work that way.

I had this today as a trigger for how keen apps people are for it:


In an operational environment, the fact is when "the proverbial" hits the fan, the last thing any of us want is ticket admin; the best we can do is get someone to log "any ticket" of any kind so there are things we are keen for the product to provide which allow that flexibility; and reduce our ticket burden.

I don't really agree with your definition of Incident. The classic is "An unplanned interruption to an IT Service or reduction in the quality of an IT service". One interruption can affect hundreds of people and we don't need or want a ticket for them all. We present such an occurrence as a single "Major Incident" IN reference and use it to manage the outage. What we seek is only a way for a Customer to see there is an active and known "unplanned interruption to an IT Service or reduction in the quality of an IT service" and to put a vote against it. Should we really need to log a Problem ticket in parallel with an MI, publish it to users and and gather our stats on that instead of the IN itself?

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