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Cloud automation with Google Sheets

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I'm trying to export some data from a Request to Google Sheets.
Following the wiki and after setting the connection between Google and Hornbill on KeySafe I'm adding the Cloud Automation box on the Business Process.

After setting all the parameters I'm facing the following message "Missing required property: spreadsheetId" I'm adding the ID from Google Sheets but it don't remains on the fields.


Screenshot from the config:


Message after setting that ID and saving/verifying:


Still saying that the field was not provided. 


There's something that I'm missing or doing wrong?





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@Oriol Martinez when added this information in the spreadsheet id, if you have set up your account correctly in the keysafe then you should be able to type and search for the Google Sheet's name and then select it. The sheet needs to be shared or created with the account that you link in the keysafe.

It might also be a good idea to include the Sheet Name even is this is Sheet 1 (as per default).

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