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SLA response times only show when a ticket is raised via email not self service

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We have implemented SLAs on our Hornbill instance but have notice that response and resolution times only show on tickets that are raised via email . If they are self service the timers for response and resolution do not show or update even though the Business process is the same for both.  I have tried moving the start response time node to the beginning of the BPM but it makes no difference. Anyone seen this before?



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@Mark Priest

If you got the nodes in the BPM to start the timers then either its branching so these do not get run and then the next place to check would by SLA Rules themselves.

The later you could look at adding a default rule at the bottom of the list which has a condition which is always true and selects a default service level.





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Hi Martyn


Thanks for the response. Yep that seems to have fixed it all my rules were just set to apply a priority had nothing there for request type. Knew it would be something simple



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