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Need to output the emails for Last logged on Users to laptops

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

I am trying to output a report against our Laptop assets to include the email address of the associated User / Last logged on User. I have the report showing the assets and last logged on with no issues, however I am struggling to see how I can include the email of the Last Logged on User. Is it possible to join these in a report and output the email for the last logged on user at all please? I have tried joining a number of database values but could not see how to output the email for the Last logged on User - is this possible?


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Hi Steve/,

I have been having a play to try and get this data output in a report. However when we run the report we are only getting back 4 values / 4 assets but we have a lot more assets than this, so something I am doing is not correct! We have  joined the CMDB Asset Users and H_Sys_Accounts tables as both of these have the User ID to match against. Basically we want to output a list of laptop assets, along with the email of the Used By / Owned by customer

Any assistance is greatly appreciated !


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