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LDAP runs from a command line but not through Scheduled tasks

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From the 04/02/2022 our LDAP Scheduled task stopped working. This includes "run now". 

If I copy the action into a command prompt it works correctly.

We have checked accounts, any patches being applied, rebooted server. Tried the later version of the LDAP tool. 

Scheduled task said that the task is complete with return code (0x64)


Any ideas

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It would depend on whether that's a Task Scheduler error or an Import Tool error.

If the latter, 0x64 is 100, which means that the Tool cannot write to the log file.
That would probably suggest a permissions issue for the account the scheduled task is running under.

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@Steve G I think thats Task Scheduler but will check in the morning and check the log folder permission. Its strange that I can run the command from a CMD prompt as the account that runs the scheduled task without error and the Hornbill log file is complete.

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