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Update Customer node is not working; am I missing something?


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I have a PCF where the person Requesting it can say they are logging it on behalf of someone else and select that person from a Co-workers lookup into h_custom_b. In the workflow, it then detects if h_custom_b is populated and proceeds to:

  1. Extract the UserID from Custom Bimage.png.bb5ab7bf8e29b479b759bf3f98a02cc4.png. This works
  2. get the Line Manager's UserID from the above result: image.png.5fc284f8562d8fb3c0d6fc1e692b312a.png. This works
  3. Add the Line Manager as a Connection: image.png.15021d18adb73955b5f438af93d1cd2f.png. This works (the right LM gets added)
  4. Add the requester as a Requester Connection: image.png.3924988a1e57e5b335359246748ed490.png. This works
  5. And then it is supposed to update the Customer using the same Regex result that was used to find the Line Manager. But this step doesn't workimage.png.34a0faf870d6b1c03d7bce3f2483cd27.png. The Customer stays as per the person who logged the ticket
  6. The TimeLine shows the extracted email address (CustomerID) is correct: image.png.1afe89c2eb7056f0a0003c4787c0e1bb.png
  7. The overall sequence looks like this: image.thumb.png.2568e9158a143c3bb2f5d6643f044c3e.png

So I am left asking why the flow does not update the Customer. Any ideas what I am missing here please? Thank you!

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Guest Paul Alexander

Hi @Berto2002

I'm not sure if this is helpful, but when we look for user info from a PCF, this is the process we use:



So I'm wondering if rather than you looking at custom_b from the 'get request information node' at the very beginning, you need to be looking at the raw value of the PCF field instead? 


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Hi Paul. It doesn't feel like the issue is extracting the email address because the field value we extract through our route is the type of value required. And that route was put in by our hornbill Implementation team a year ago.

My Update Customer node is returning this error: "customer not subscribed" so I guess my question is what does that mean?


The value can be, in our case, an email address:


And is is that in database direct:


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Guest Paul Alexander

Ok - my first thought here is: is the NEW customer a subscriber to the service that you're logging the request against? 

Assuming that all of the correct information is being extracted (which it looks like it is) I think this must be a Service subscription problem? 

So, in the Service page of the service which the request is logged against, does the 'new' customer show in the Subscribers list:


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