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Global search showas not all


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Hello Support,

Did you changed something in the roles or user rights regarding the global search? Because my Service Desk users cannot see C-Workers in the global search anymore?

Thanks and regards



My Hornbill Users view:



My view as an Admin:


Hornbill Wiki:

Global Search

You can also use the Global Search bar at the top of Hornbill Collaboration to search for Co-workers.

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@Nikolaj, thanks for the info. I can see that the user has a Basic User Role, so he's a Basic User, right?

Basic Users can't see Co-Workers.

But at the same time I see he has management roles like Asset Manager. 

Either that or he should not have the basic user role, instead he should have the Collaboration Role.



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@Daniel Dekel No he is a user and he has a license for service manager and asset manager. He is also part in a support team.

I will change it and remove the basic role and give him the collaboration role instead.

Will see what happen.



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