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ITOM - PRTG Automation

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Two questions. 

1. Is it possible for us to get a copy of the powershell being used in the PRTG ITOM package. We have noticed the resume does not working correctly and would like to be able to adapt the current ps1 file being used. 

2. Is it possible to extract information from an email into a variable in Hornbill. I have tried using the string utilties and this only seems to tell me the string exists but is not able to actually extract the specific bit of text. 

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I've tested both operations in the PRTG package and they are working with our PRTG server. But to help with your diagnosis, we've just released an update to the PRTG package that outputs more debugging information.

Let me know how you get on, and please post any errors here so we can investigate further if need be.

Kind regards,


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