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User authentication against existing Employee Portal session

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Hi All,

I am just looking to clarify how re-authentication against an existing portal page works as i have a strange scenario as below:

- On Friday the 25th I amended all of our IC's to make any asset capture field mandatory (previously it was non mandatory field due to poor data quality in our asset data).

- Customer raised an Equipment Support request yesterday, but it did not capture an asset.

I suspect this customer had a window open in their browser from last week, and re-authenticated against the existing open page yesterday and raised this request. 

What I wanted to clarify is if an existing session is left open and times out due to inactivity, if the customer just logs onto the session does it refresh the configuration, or just logs them back in with the existing loaded configuration? This is just so we can understand how this was raised when we would have expected the field to be mandatory.

Many thanks

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Hi @Adrian Simpkins

I know that in the past that updates to an Intelligent Capture (Progressive Capture) wouldn't take affect until after a refresh of some off the cached files.  This is now changed.  Provided that the user is not in the middle of running an Intelligent Capture, the cache refresh is no longer needed.  The need to re-authenticate is not required in this situation.

There may be some elements of a user's profile that might require the user to re-authenticate, such as a change in their language or date and time formats.

I hope that helps.  


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