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Extract info from a reply to a ticket (Business Process)

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When an initial email is received, at the point it is used to create a ticket you can extract information and put it into a custom variable for use later in the Business Process. 

However if you get a  reply to a ticket notification with the ticket no in the subject, while it updates the ticket, you don't get an option to extract information. 

In our scenario the reply includes a watermark and I want to be able to extract that and put it into a customer variable so I can include that in my next notification. I gather this is not possible. Any chance of it happening ? If it helps, I know what point in the workflow I'll be at when the reply is received (though I appreciate that may not always be the case)

To be more specific, I've sent a notification from HSM to a supplier's ITSM system, which will create a ticket on their system. I need to extract the watermark from their response email so that any further notifications I send will update the correct ticket. 



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Hi Richard,

I am not really sure I understand how you envisage this would work. I am assuming you are talking about the email auto responder and the BPM acting on the email received.  So assume you have a ticket logged, a business process was started, and has acted on that piece of data, and the workflow is now sitting at some arbitrary point.  A new email from that supplier comes in with such a watermark...  what (would you like to) happens next?



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Thanks Gerry. Sorry, I was away last week. What I want is to be able to extract the watermark from the email and put it into a custom variable. The point in the workflow when this happens is not completely arbitrary - it comes in response to a task so I could set the workflow to wait until the custom field is populated ?

To re-state that 

1/ When a task in the workflow is completed an email is sent

2/ When the reply comes to that email (which will be using a standard format) I want to extract the watermark and put it into a custom field

3/ Only then do I want to proceed.

I am currently doing this by inserting a task to manually input the watermark when it is received. I would like to automate this

Is that clearer now ?


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