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URL for storing images in Image Library

Adrian Simpkins

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I just wanted to confirm if any images stored in the Image Library will always have the prefix URL: https://mdh-p01-api.hornbill.com/mse/dav/share/img please

The reason being is to allow these images to resolve and display correctly in our emails we will have to add this address to our Trusted Sites within our Outlook global configuration. This is to ensure any customers receiving the emails does not have to accept and download the images as currently NHS.Net is blocking these images initially due to the external URL

Just wanted to understand if this would always be the URL for these images, and if there was any change this would be communicated here?

Many thanks !

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@Adrian Simpkins

The URL is generally static, but can change under certain conditions.  If your instance moves home, this URL will change. In very rare cases we will move an instance because of resource re-balancing, that may move from one DC to another, or to a different POD/Cluster within the same DC, in these cases that URL would change.  The URL would also change under DR conditions where we might be restoring your instance into a different cluster. These events are rare, but when they do occur the change could be temporary or permanent. 

The url will *always* contain the TLD of *.hornbill.com so I would suggest you add that domain to your trusted sites, that will ensure there is never such a problem. 


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