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Issue with custom fields not updating in request/e-mails


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Hiya, have come across an issue with our joiner process which recently went live and am stumped - would appreciate any suggestions on how to tidy this one up (I'm moving on from this position in a week and trying to wrap up as much as I can to make my successor's life as easy as possible (they'll have quite enough to deal with as it is!). Thanks! 

When users request a new account via the service portal it works as expected however when raised via live.hornbill there are issues where custom fields are used i.e.

  • The request summary doesn't update with the new account name and start date (h_custom_a and h_custom_21 respectively) and instead remains blank
  • The e-mail sent to the customer displays the custom field name rather than the values added through the progressive capture (although weirdly the location does update - uses h_site) e.g.

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Updated screenshot
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Hi Steve, I can confirm that all the questions are being answered (the questions section of the new request is fully populated) while at the very start of the associated business process there's a "get request info" node which I thought would do the trick.


I'm absolutely stumped why it all works via the service portal but not when raised via collaboration and applications.......

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It could be down to the cache when the request is logged by different methods. Does the email get sent very early in the BPM process?

Might be worth putting in a Get Question Node and a Timeline update node before the email node to see if the custom fields are returned on the workflow as populated as well.




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Hi @RobW

I believe that there is a known issue that might be related to this where Progressive Capture (Intelligent Capture) has an issue with saving to custom fields under certain conditions.    The reason you see the difference between it working on the Service Portal and not for agents using the live client is that on the backend there are some differences with the engine.  An update is already available on your system as an experimental setting which you can enable for testing purposes.  If you are in a position to test this, you can enable the feature and confirm if the email is then populated correctly.  Then turn it off if the issue persists.  I'd be interested to hear your findings.




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