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Can I show Catalogue Items directly on the portal (not a layer down under Services)?


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I want to have a Domain to Support our Councillors which means as few clicks as possible.

That means I want just two Catalog Items showing on their page: "Log and Incident" and "Log a Request" but those are Catalogue Items are currently behind the overall "Councillor Support Service".

At present, the User journey from their Home page is to click the Service then select one of the options but that's one click too many.

Is there a way of having the options to select on the Domain homepage?

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@James Ainsworth. I want our Councillors to 'automatically' only see their Domain when they go to our portal. Is there any way to direct or redirect a specific set of Users to the Domain front page instead of the portal Homepage? Again, it's about reducing the clicks. The Councillors are all in a Subscriber List. At present I believe I need to consider options outside the Product such as ensuring their browser favourites have the Councillor Domain as the URL for their "Support Home".

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