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Default value over-rides mandatory field requirement?

Sam P

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Hi all, just wanted to check...when setting a Intelligent Capture default value, should the user be able to progress past the form without completing it, even though 'This field requires a value to be provided' is checked?  I realise, technically speaking, the field is not empty however I had hoped our default value might be ignored and still require an input value.




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@Sam P You're exactly right - the field is not empty.

If the value requires the prefix of RS- there are a number of ways you might achieve this, for example:

  • Setting the Description value on the Field to state that the field must start with RS- or
  • Using Regex Validation*
    • If it's possible, and you know how, to enforce a string starting RS- that might work
    • Leaving RS- in the Default value and specifying a minimum length with Regex
    • Both (if that's possible!)
  • A combination of setting the Description and having a Regex validation of 4+ characters etc.

These are off the top of my head, there may be others.

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