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Address not showing correctly for some CI's in Employee Portal

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I've added a whole bunch of CI's to a service in Service Manager, and I've made these CI's available on the Employee Portal.

MOST (about 95%) of them all work perfectly, and I'm sending out some emails to people with shortcuts to the new requests.

However -there are a couple where the link doesn't work, and it looks like the shortcut is missing the 'service id'


So, for instance, this one DOES work and I can copy the link and send it to people: 





BUT this one, although it opens from the shortcut in the 'Service Page' on the Employee Portal, if I copy the shortcut and try to open it from that shortcut, DOESN'T work unless I enter the ServiceID in the blank:






I've only seen a couple of these, and I can't see anything obvious as to why it would happen, but hopefully it's an easy fix?



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