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Email templates configuration seems to have changed in some of our templates

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Hi All

Bit of a strange one - we have some new email templates we have created which we have been running some testing on for a few weeks. Today when viewing these emails and the templates it seems that some of the text fields have changed the colour we had previously set (these fields are white text with a colour background). The text is still set to white, but somehow the background colour has defaulted back to white so initially we could not see the text so was a bit confused.

I have gone through the templates and set the colour back again on 6 of these but I am unsure why the colour changed to begin with. We definitely have not gone in and amended these colours in the templates - it just seems at some point since last week the configuration in these templates changed to the default colour white.

Anyone else seen anything similar or would know perhaps how these settings changed please?

Many thanks

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