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Import SSO SAML Metadata


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Hi All - looking for advice on importing Metadata to our SSO provider (ADFS). I see a warning about it whenever I log in to Administrator and have followed the link to the wiki page related, but neither myself nor my colleagues understand what is meant by importing the data to ADFS.

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I wanted to post as I think this is an important point.   We (being Hornbill) cannot generally help with customers own infrastructure deployed systems. Every customer has different setups and configurations, and while some of our people may well have some of this knowledge its not something we can officially support, or necessarily even provide advice on.  On the Hornbill Platform we have made SSO using SAML 2.0 really simple to set up on our end to reduce the burden of knowhow normally placed on our customers, but there is considerable setup and knowledge required on any directory service deployment (ADFS in your case) which has to be set up correctly, and if you are being tasked with setting this up, whoever is responsible for your ADFS infrastructure internally need to be advising you/your team, if you /your team do not have the knowledge yourselves.  There is a lot to go wrong here and you should be aware of this. I am sure there are people in this community (including individuals from Hornbill) who may well be able to offer guidance, but Hornbill is not in a position to *officially* support your internal systems, including your ADFS deployment. 


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