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Add multiple people as Collaborators on some Requests


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I have been asked to put multiple Collaborators on every Request from our Councillors. Effectively, our Councillors have a few business users who they can ask to chase-up on tickets for them.

Is there any way of adding, say, a Group of people as Collaborators (as per Organisation Groups, like Teams) through one node in the workflow that references the latest Members of the Group?

Else, I think I'm stuck with having to have 5 Add Collaborator nodes with the hard-coded names in them....

Any advice appreciated.

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Hi @Berto2002

I wasn't sure if you were referring to Connections or the Members component on a request form.  Some of the terminology is used in slightly different ways depending on the app and where they are used.  When you say Collaborators, is this referring to users that have a platform/collaboration subscription?  Or are these users Service Manager subscribers that want access to requests that they normally don't have access to?



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I have set-up a PCF that captures just a single ticket reference from a user and then a BPM behind it that adds a set bunch of connections to the stated Request ID. This is an opt-in approach to getting those collaborators access to existing tickets and means I only need to store the names of the users in one of my flows.

I realised this is also a way that Customers could escalate tickets (in the absence of any other way of them doing so). It could work like this:

  • If a ticket passes a Service Level date/time (or another trigger)...
  • ...the Customer could be added to a temporary Subscriber list...
  • ...and they would be sent and email stating their item had breached service level and if they wanted to escalate...
  • ...the email would have a link to a PCF (previously hidden from them) where they could enter the ticket number of the Request they want to escalate...
  • ...after logging the escalation request, the flow could take escalation actions such as re-assigning to a VIP queue, sending notifications in IT, altering the category, etc...
  • ...and then remove them from the Subscriber list to access that escalation link...
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